The Art & Science of Tapping in…


TOOLS – Receive guidance in establishing a consistant personal practice. Learn how the newest science is shattering old beliefs and replacing them with the knowledge of conscious creation. This knowledge is powerful and you will receive these simple yet powerful tools to lead you within to reduce your stress.  Realizing truths that the latest neuro-scientific evidence supports while allowing the power of proof for new beliefs to be  your TOOLS for transformation.

TECHNIQUES – Based on ancient wisdom, I’ll share a variety of techniques in the areas of breath, focus, concentration and more; connecting you to your own inner wisdom.  Helping you to create the practice that best suits your consciousness whether it’s secular, spiritual or religious… it matters not.

TIME – It’s TIME…No more excuses!!! It all begins with the commitment and devotion to your well-being. To your happier, healthier, less stressed self… anyone can commit to 5 minutes a day and you can too! Get the tools…Learn the techniques….take the time and commit …to begin with 5 minutes a day.

“Even a little practice of meditation will free one from dire fears and colossal sufferings.”
 The Bhagavad Gita – translation by  Paramhansa Yogananda

Daily Meds

Ode to an Alternative…

On the floor or up in a chair meditation can get you there…
Where is there…you say with a sigh???
Into that space…that place…that peace…deep inside.

Inward and upward your energy will fly!
Into that space, that place, between your two eyes.

Your heart will open, your nerves will subside.
Your breathe will slow down, you’ll no longer feel fried.

Your body feels better and so does your soul.
You’ll understand why it’s a useful goal.

You’ll wonder, you’ll think…why never before???
Who care’s! What matters?  Not that anymore!

What matters is now, getting into your practice…
Same time, same space…get in and be active.

With regular practice, you’ll be on a run.
Now that’s the way to feel part of the One!
One with yourself and one with all others…
Take notice…you’ll see, we’re all sisters and brothers.

Find your joy, your own inner peace.
Feel it…share it…It truly is free.

I know if we all spent more time deep inside…
We’d be healthier people with happier lives’.

So inward and upward everyday toward the Light…
Making everyday a Sacred Day we’ll bless all our lives!

Sandra Allison ©2011